Guide: EzFace Software

Guide: EzFace Software

Software Navigation

Video Preview > Live Preview

This window will show a live snapsot of the connected device. This pane will also show the recent records whether identified or not. To see previews of devices, you must add them to the system. 

Device Manage > Device List

This window will show you all of the discovered devices as well as devices that have been added to the system. 

Device Manage > Device Settings

Device Manage > Device Upgrade

Staff Manage > Staff Info

Staff Manage > Staff Sync

Data Statistics > Attendance

Device Management

Adding New Devices

In order to manage your devices, they must be turned on and on the same network as your computer. Once the devices are added to your software, you will be able to manage their settings as well as upgrade the firmware on the scanners. 

Verify Device Is on The Network

An Epicus-TS device is on the network when the status icon at the top right either shows the Wifi Symbol or the Ethernet Symbol without an X. 

The IP Address at the bottom right of the screen will show you the address of the device. If the scanner is not connected to the network, the failback IP Address is

On the navigation pane, click on Device Manage > Device List

To Search for connected devices, press the Refresh Button

Add Device To List

Select the IP Address of the Device and Click Add

Adding Device Name (Optional)

If you would like to add a name for the device, click on the device on the right-pane and add a Name under "Custom Info". Be sure to click "Modify" to save the name setting.

Changing Device Settings

Once a device is added, you can now change the settings of the tablet. 

Navigate to Device Manage > Device Settings to show the device options. Be sure to select the desired target device in the left pane. 

Function Settings

Function settings are the basic settings for how the device operates. If you change any of these settings, be sure to click the "Set" button to apply them to the device. 

1. UI Settings wil modify the user interface of the tablet as well as determing the voice and temperature threshold settings.

2. The Function Settings will determine what the device is set to do. For example, the temperature attribute will display the temperature of the person while the Mask aspect will alert if a mask is not being worn

Parameter Settings

Under the Parameter Settings, you can choose basic options for the scanner. If you modify any settings, be sure to click the "Set Button" to apply them. 

Available Options Include

1. Display Settings

2. NTP Settings

3. IP Settings

4. Manual Time Settings

Algorithm Settings

The Algorithm Settings will tell the device how it should determine temperature and person detection. 

1. Snapshot Settings: Should the scanner look at just the Head, Upper Body, or Entire Body for detection?

2. Threshold Settings: How large of an area should the scanner be focussed on for detection? 

Upgrading Device Firmware

This lesson will go over the steps needed to upgrade the firmware of a scanner using the EzFace Software. This firmware update should only be applied if instructed to do so. The file can be obtained from our staff at This lesson assumes that the firmware file has been downloaded to your computer for access bby EzFace. 

Select the Firmware File

Navigate to and select the Firmware Upgrade file provided and click the "Open" button.

Apply the firmware to the desired device

Select the checkbox next to all devices you intend to upgrade and click on Upgrade at the top right.

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